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Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Bag Sealers
Accu-Seal Model 30-232T Table-Top
Pneumatic Impulse Bag Sealer
The Accu-Seal Model 30 Pneumatic Impulse Bag Sealer combines performance with value in a machine that adjusts for most film sealing situations, even those difficult materials such as nylon, Tyvek, Teflon®, ESD bags, and plastic films that are over 30 mils thick. The system is equipped with high quality components including an electric foot switch that allows a single operator to easily and safely activate the sealing process. The sealing cycle is automatically halted at any stage when the operator releases the foot pedal. An external air supply is required.


The cleanroom-compatible Model 30 can be relied on to produce a quality seal every time-even when using Mil-Spec films that demand consistent heat and pressure.

Easy Portability

The ergonomically-designed Accu-Seal 30 can handle your toughest job-yet at 24 lbs.(20” model), it's the lightest sealer on the market. You might need a forklift to move other sealers, but with the Accu-Seal 30, pick it up and go!

Tap-To-Start Footswitch

The Tap-to-Start Footswitch is now standard on the Accu-Seal Model 30 Sealers. This feature allows the operator more freedom to increase production. The operator initiates the sealing cycle by simply depressing the foot switch momentarily. The operator is then free to assist in other production activities as necessary while the sealing process is completed.

Factory Options

Options include the handy support tray and 220-volt electrical. Also available is the Accu-Seal Ergonomic Machine Stand.

Download Accu-Seal Model 30 Bag Sealer spec sheet (pdf)

Accu-Seal Model 30 Pneumatic Impulse Sealers
Ordering Information Below
Model # Seal Width Seal Length
L x W x H (in.)
Weight (lbs.)
30-132T 1/4" 15" 21 x 10 x 8 30 $2,195.00
30-232T 1/4" 20" 26 x 10 x 8 34 $2,250.00
30-332T 1/4" 25" 31 x 10 x 8 39 $2,325.00
30-432T 1/4" 30" 36 x 10 x 8 40 $2,575.00
30-532T 1/4" 35" 41 x 10 x 8 49 $2,675.00
To Order, enter the quantity needed beside each item, then click the "Add to Cart" button at the top or bottom of the page.
For Model 30 Replacement parts: Teflon Covers & Teflon by the Roll &
Nichrome Seal Elements, Element Pad Assemblies, and Seal Jaw Service Kits
Part No. Description Price Order Quantity
30-132T Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Sealer - 15" x 1/4" Seal with Tap-to-Start Footswitch $2,195.00   Enter qty:  
30-232T Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Sealer - 20" x 1/4" Seal with Tap-to-Start Footswitch $2,250.00   Enter qty:  
30-332T Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Sealer - 25" x 1/4" Seal with Tap-to-Start Footswitch $2,325.00   Enter qty:  
30-432T Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Sealer - 30" x 1/4" Seal with Tap-to-Start Footswitch $2,575.00   Enter qty:  
30-532T Accu-Seal Pneumatic Impulse Sealer - 35" x 1/4" Seal with Tap-to-Start Footswitch $2,675.00   Enter qty:  
Model 30 Options Available
30-220V 220 Volt Conversion for Model 30 $275.00   Enter qty:  
06-705a Machine Stand (for 15", 20" & 25" sealers) $940.00   Enter qty:  
06-705b Machine Stand (for 30" & 35" sealers) $1,013.00   Enter qty:  
511-0006 Accu-Seal 15" Support Tray $95.00   Enter qty:  
511-0008 Accu-Seal 20" Support Tray $95.00   Enter qty:  
511-0010 Accu-Seal 25" Support Tray $95.00   Enter qty:  
511-0012 Accu-Seal 30" Support Tray $95.00   Enter qty:  
511-0013 Accu-Seal 35" Support Tray $95.00   Enter qty:  
NOTE: Machines usually ship in 2-3 weeks, FOB: San Marcos, CA.
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