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Weigh Right PMB-3600 Large Volume Weighers
Weigh Right PMB-3601 Scale
Weigh Right PMB-3601 Scale integrated
with Weigh Right U-HC Indexing Conveyor
5 to 100 pound Single Head Scale

The Weigh Right PMB-3600 Series will weigh and fill 5 to 100 lbs. of many products including IQF foods, rice, nuts, candies, plastic pieces and dry foods into bags, boxes or pails. The product container can be hand placed by an operator or the PMB-3600 can be designed to fit over and interfaced with an automatic bagger or indexing conveyor. For food applications there is an optional USDA model available. The PMB-3600 uses non-proprietary touch pad controls to enter desired weight and feed rate.

The PMB-3600 Machine Features:

  • One lane (PMB-3601) or two lane (PMB-3602) scale design.
  • Sanitary 304SS stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • 2 cubic foot supply hopper (PMB-3601)
  • 4 cubic foot supply hopper (PMB-3602)
  • Programmable bulk and dribble feed settings.
  • Single or three tray vibratory feed system.
  • Discharge spout to suit container
  • Strain gauge load cell scale system sensitive to 0.02 lbs.
  • Clam type weigh bucket with 3600 cubic inch weighing capacity
  • Air operated discharge mechanism
  • Convenient microprocessor based control panel with digital weight display (PMB-3601)
  • Menu driven controls with easy-to-read graphics and help menus (PMB-3602)
  • Painted steel support frame with adjustable leveling pads (stainless steel optional).
  • Nema 4 control enclosure
  • Cycle control by footswitch or interface cable.
  • Air filter/lubricator/regulator assembly with automatic drain
  • Download product brochure: Weigh Right PMB-3600 Weigher
Weights & Rates*
PMB-3601 PMB-3602
5 lbs. 12 cpm 5 lbs. 24 cpm
10 lbs. 10 cpm 10 lbs. 20 cpm
25 lbs. 4 cpm 25 lbs. 8 cpm
50 lbs. 2 cpm 50 lbs. 4 cpm
100 lbs. 1 cpm
(2 dumps)
100 lbs. 2 cpm
(2 dumps)
* Rates are estimated. Final results determined by product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send samples for free testing and results.

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